Lara Plecas

In my work, I explore the connection between human emotion and our environment. We have a deep personal connection with the places where we visit and live, as well as, the experiences that may have endured there.

10 January 2012

New Year

Welcome 2012!
We are so happy to start this new year with so much to look forward to...Our daughter Olivia Elizabeth was born November 9th, 2011. It is an exciting time! I am just getting back into the studio after taking a maternity break. We are collaborating with Scientists from ASU for the Science TECH show coming up in February-March. I am collaborating with Sisi Gao, who researches the nature of Pinyon Jays up in Flagstaff. I will be producing one piece that will be at our group show at Eye Lounge opening January 20th.
Art Detour right around the corner in March-April, I will also be showing a new piece at Eye Lounge for our annual Art Detour group show.