Lara Plecas

In my work, I explore the connection between human emotion and our environment. We have a deep personal connection with the places where we visit and live, as well as, the experiences that may have endured there.

16 October 2017

"Heritage" series

   Lara Plecas has been a visual artist exhibiting work in the Valley since 2000. She was a part of the budding art community in downtown Phoenix that resides along Roosevelt and Grand Avenue. She was a member of the Eyelounge Artists collective from 2010-2013, during this time they had group exhibitions in Israel and at the Mesa Arts Center; and the Mesa Arts Center has since acquired her work for their permanent collection. She currently has two large scale pieces on display at the Phoenix Airport Museum at Sky Harbor Airport. Lara’s work utilizes elements of folk art and textile patterns reimagined through old papers and book pages. Her works are narrative and tell stories of nostalgia and family history, much like a quilter.
   In this series, entitled “Heritage” I take a deeper look into the memories, stories and items that have been passed down through the generations. Exploring the Homestead of my husband’s family and the rooting of his family here in the west. Pondering the items left behind by our families and imagining them being used in their day. Continuing the connection with our lineage and understanding the struggles our family endured, is a common theme that I am continuing to explore. The materials that I use such as old papers, maps, wallpaper and books recall an era of nostalgia. The sanding through layers of paper reveal a time worn sensibility that I am trying to recall. I draw my inspiration from folk arts such as quilting, where the women recycled old used clothing to create beautiful patterns that tell stories of their struggles; all the while creating an essential element of warmth and survival.

This exhibition was curated by Nicole Royce of Royce Contemporary. Please join us for the artist reception on Friday, October 20th, 2017 from 6-10pm. 

   Walter Art Gallery
   6425 E. Thomas Road
   Scottsdale, Arizona 85251