Lara Plecas

In my work, I explore the connection between human emotion and our environment. We have a deep personal connection with the places where we visit and live, as well as, the experiences that may have endured there.

13 April 2016


Ice dyeing workshop with Lara Plecas

Ice dyeing uses reactive dyes and ice to blend colors and to create elaborate patterns. This quick and fun process allows the final pattern to be unpredictable and experimental.
Please bring 100% cotton fabric items that have been pre washed in hot water and with a professional textile detergent such as Synthrapol or Tide to remove any fabric softeners, oils and dirt. You can ice dye light colored fabric, baby onesies, old white tees, bed sheets or just raw cotton material to use for future sewing projects. The dyeing process takes a full 24 hours, the instructor will wash out each item & line dry. The items will then be available for pick up at Practical Art.

Instructor: Lara Plecas
Class fee $25